Kanji - Zangla Trek
Destinations: Leh - Alchi – Lamayuru – Kanji – Sirsirla – Photoksar – Padum - Kargil – Leh
Trip Duration: 14 Nights - 15 Days
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Description: This Adventurous Trek starts from Kanji ends at Zangla. Kanji Village altitude is 3850m and it comes in Kargil District. The village has 20 families main occupation being farming. One can acquire different trek routes from Kanji being easy accessible with Leh-Srinagar Highway. During this trek we come across 9 passes. The highest pass during this trek is Nigutse-la is 5100m.




Day 01:DRIVE LEH – ALCHI – LAMAYURU – KANJI (170 km). Today you have amazing and spectacular view of mountains and confluence of Zanskar and Indus River, beautiful villages Morning after breakfast, drive on Leh-Srinagar highway to Lamayuru, en-route visit Alchi, situated at a distance of 68 Km from Leh. Alchi monastery was built by great Lama Lotsava Rinchen Zangpo (The great translator) 1000 years ago and is considered to be the most famous and largest among the entire monastery built by him. After the visit, continue drive to Lamayuru which is 58km from Alchi. Lamayuru monastery was constructed by Arahat Nimagung in between 10th and 11th century. History says that in the 11th century the Mahasidha Naropa visited this place and the cave where he resided and meditated is still to be seen inside the monastery. After the visit continue your journey to Kanji via crossing Fotula (highest road pass in Leh-Srinagar highway 4090m), still 40 km drives. Arrive Kanji. O/n Tents at Kanji village. (3850m)

Day 02: TREK KANJI – KANJI DOK (3/4hrs). Morning after breakfast, you explore the village and attract with the innocent villagers. After that you start your first day trek with easy trek along the right side of upstream river. After the easy walk for 2hrs, you have gentle ascent and then you arrive at small hamlet where you find the campsite. The view of the valley and its stunning mountains from here is indescribable. Enjoy the scenic beauty of nature of Himalayan Mountains. O/n Tents. (4100m)

Day 03:TREK KANJI DOK – YOGMA-LA (4720M) – SHILLAKONG (5/6 HRS). Leave camp after breakfast. While enjoying the morning sunshine you ascend towards the Yogma-la (4720m) right from the camp. From the top of the pass you have spectacular view of landscape. After enjoying few minutes at the top you have gentle descent and then you arrive at the camp. (4300m)

Day 04: TREK SHILLAKONG – NIGUTSE-LA (5100M) - URTSI DOK (5/6HRS). Morning after the breakfast, continue the trek by following the well-defined and clear trek route on the left bank of the river. En-route amazing and beautiful landscape. After few hours of trek, you reach at the top of the Nigutse-la (5100m). At the top of the pass, you will find yourself top of the world and get the stunning and enchanting view of unforgettable landscape with different mountains of Himalayan range. Cross the pass and then descend in beautiful lost valley opening on an immense plain where you find many animals like sheep, goats and yaks etc. O/n Tents. (4500m)

Day 05: TREK URTSI DOK – SIRSIR-LA (4805M) – PHOTOKSAR (4/5 HRS). Today you have to cross the river so it is advisable to carry some extra stock in your bag so that you may not get wet. As usual after breakfast, continue the trek with ascending the ridge right from the camping. Follow the clear path on rolling ridge and from here you see the Sirsir-la pass. Descend down in towards the river below. Cross the river and then start ascending straight towards the pass Sirsir-la(4805m). Enjoy the view of wonderful valleys and its landscape. Gentle and easy descend by following the good trek path to Photoksar (A remote isolated charming village). Evening explore the village. Campsite before the village near the river. O/n Tents. (4210m)

Day 06: TREK PHOTOKSAR – BOUMITSE-LA (4200M) – BASE OF SINGEY-LA (7 HRS). After breakfast, continue trek. Today you have to cross one easy pass. Right from the camp, start ascend for few meter and then continue along the clear path, beautiful view of village Photoksar and surrounding mountains and gorge. Carry on ascending up to top of Boumitse-la, from the pass you can directly see the Singela Pass which is about more than three hours trek from this point. Until the base of Singe-la, you have to cross several small streams so advisable to carry extra pair of stockings in case you get wet. Overnight in camp at base of Singe-La. (4400m)

Day 07:TREK BASE OF SINGE-LA – SINGE-LA (4960M) – KYUKPA-LA (3850) – SKYUMPATTA (7 HRS). Right from the camp, start ascending up to top of Singe-la. It is easy to ascend but 1200m before the top, it is steep ascend in zigzag. From the pass, the route descends steeply to a loose boulder strewn area. This is called Champado Gongma. Continue along the right side of the valley, clear path up to village Skyumphatta. Beautiful and awesome view of landscape of the valley. Follow the beaten track to the Kyukpa-la Pass (3850m), easy ascend. Easy descend from the pass about 300m. and cross a clear water stream. Camp near of above the stream. O/n Tents at Skyumphatta village. (4000m)

Day 08:TREK SKYUMPATTA – LINGSHED – HANAMU-LA BASE (7 ½ HRS). From Skyumpatta follow the trail and start ascending the Netuksila pass. It is a long ascent and advice to carry enough water as you could not find water until the camp. From the pass again follow the well-defined route to Lingshed. Visit the Lingshet monastery which is very interesting with the old statues. Lingshed monastery is constructed on the top of hill by Lotsava Rinchen Zangpo (the translator). The deity can be viewed once in a year 15th day of 4th Tibetan month. After visit Lingshed, continue towards the Hanamu-la Base by crossing the small bridge. Pass the village by ascending along the right side. O/n Tents (4000m)

Day 09:TREK HANAMU-LA BASE – HANAMU-LA (4700M) – ZINGCHEN (7 ½ HRS.) After breakfast, start to climb the pass which is in zigzag. Arrive at top of the pass; you have a wonderful view of Landscape. Cross the pass and continue descending for 20 minutes and there is good and flat area to have Lunch. After having Lunch, continue descending. After descending steep, you eventually reach near a river, cross the river and arrive at camp. O/n Tents. (3410m)

Day 10:TREK ZINGCHEN – PARFILA (3900M) – HANAMUR VILLAGE (6 HRS). Start the trek along the downstream of the river up to the Stupa from where you start to climb to the Parfila. Cross the pass, here on top of the pass, you have a amazing and lovely view of Landscape. You will see for the first time the Zanskar River on your left. The camp is another two hours in the tree grove of Hanamur village. Overnight at camp. (3410m)

Day 11: TREK HANAMUR – PIDMO – PISHU –ZANGLA (6/7 HRS). From here the route is following the Right Bank of the Zanskar River until the village of Pishu On the way you pass through the village Pidmo and Pastureland. Here you may find some Yaks and domestic animals. Cross the Zanskar River over a bridge and then you arrive at camp on the grassy meadow near the bank of the Zanskar River. O/n Tents. (3430m)

Day 12: DRIVE ZANGLA – KARSHA – STONGDE – PADUM. Today you have full day culture tour around Padum by drive. Morning after breakfast, drive to Stongde village. Visit beautiful picturesque monastery built on hill top by Lama Marpa 950 years ago. Approximately 60 monks are residing in this monastery. After the visit, continue drive to Karsha (Pair of White i.e., Outer white and Inner white). Visit Karsha monastery. This monastery is the largest of all the monastery in Zanskar and this monastery (Gonpa) was first founded by Great Lama Phagspa Shesrap (the translator of Zanskar). From the monastery, you have amazing and spectacular view of the capital of Zanskar (Padum) and its surrounding mountains. After the visit explore Padum (The capital of Zanskar). Overnight in Padum. (3590m)

Day 13:DRIVE PADUM- SANI – BARDAN – DZONGKHUL – PADUM. Morning after breakfast, drive to Sani to visit the most famous monastery wherein you visit the sacred statues of Buddhas and Boddhisattavas.this monastery located and picturesquely built in the middle of field and houses.After the visit, proceed to Dzongkhul monastery and then continue drive to Bardan monastery. On the way you have the view of beautiful and charming villages of Zangskar valley. After visiting the Bardan village, drive back to Padum. Evening enjoy walking in and around the market of Padum. Overnight in Padum.

Day 14: DRIVE PADUM – RANGDUM – KARGIL (245 KM / 10 HRS). Today you drive Padum to Kargil (245 km). You have long journey but drive along Zanskar valley and Suru valley provide you spectacular and awesome view of landscape, magnificient mountain peaks, stunning Drang Drung Glacier and astonishing view of highest mountain peak in the region Nun(7035m) and Kun(7180m). En route, visit Rangdum Monastery. History says that Gelek Yashy Takpa built this picturesque monastery on hill top about 200 years ago. This monastery is physically located in the Suru Valley and culturally it is part of Zanskar. From the monastery, you have wonderful panoramic view of landscape and Randum village. After the visit, drive to Rangdum village where you take some refreshment and then continue drive to Kargil. You drive through the several beautiful and charming villages (inhabitants are almost Muslim) . Arrive Kargil. Overnight at Guest House / hotel in Kargil. (2900m)

Day 15:DRIVE KARGIL – MULBEK – LEH (225 KMS/ 7 HRS). Morning after breakfast, drive to Leh via visiting Mulbek Chamba (9m high Rock curved statue of Maitreya Buddha). Today you drive on Srinagar- Leh highway till Leh. Spectacular and magnificien view of landscape and its beautiful mountains like pillar in the blue sky. You pass across many beautiful and charming villages of Ladakh. Arrive Mulbek and visit 9m high rock curved statue of Maitreya Buddha. After the visit continue drive to Leh via crossing Photo-la. Arrive Leh.