Snow Leopard Trek
Destinations: Delhi – SPITUK - ZINCHEN - RUMBAK - YURUTSE - RUMBAK - ZINCHEN ... more
Trip Duration: 4 Nights - 5 Days
Best Time: January - March


Description:  This epic adventure takes you to Hemis National Park in Ladakh, India's best-protected area for Snow Leopards and a good place to sight this magnificent cat. Being whitish-grey in color (tinged with yellow) and patterned with dark grey rosettes and spots, the Snow Leopard exhibits superb camouflage for its mountain environment of bare rocks and snow. It is on account of its reclusive nature that it is often referred to as the Grey Ghost of the Himalayas. Since Snow Leopards are generally found at elevations between 3000-4500m, the trek takes you through stunning Himalayan alpine and sub-alpine zones where vegetation is sparse and temperatures are extreme. Snow Leopards are most active at dawn and dusk and show a strong preference for cliffy habitat with moderately to very broken terrain, rocky outcrops and ravines. They are opportunistic predators and are known to take prey up to three times their own weight, though a large part of their diet comprises of small prey like marmots, pika, hare, birds and domestic livestock. Accompanying us are expert naturalists and local trackers whose local expertise in this harsh terrain and their intrinsic training to look for the minutest evidences like pugmarks, scrapes and scats to track this elusive cat, is unmatched. While the sighting of this mysterious cat can in no way be guaranteed, the Snow Leopard Trek offers a unique opportunity to understand this amazing specimen and its habitat while trekking through some spectacular scenery. The present global distribution of Snow Leopards is in the high mountain ranges of Central Asia scattered over 12 countries in fragmented habitats. Highly endangered throughout its range in Asia, the loss of habitat and prey, poaching and retaliation killings blamed for livestock losses have reduced its numbers to dangerously low levels. Wild World India promotes community-driven home-stays in the region supported by the Snow Leopard Conservancy program



Day 01:LEH - SPITUK - ZINCHEN. (11200ft / 3400mts.). After breakfast we take a short drive to Spituk, a small village near Leh, our trek starts from here. We cross a bridge and walk southwest keeping the river Indus on our right. After around 3-hour walk we leave the Indus behind & enter the Zinchen gorge. We climb the trail gradually through the Zinchen Valley, before we reach the tiny village of Zinchen. O/n Tents / Village Homestay.

Day 02: ZINCHEN - RUMBAK. (13500ft / 4380Mts). From Zinchen we gradually ascend along the Rumbuk Nala to reach village Rumbak (3800m / 12470ft.), which is a big & a beautiful village in the valley. O/n Tents / Village Homestay.

Day 03:WILDLIFE VIEWING (FULL DAY) After the breakfast proceed for full day wildlife viewing along with a trained local guide. Wildlife viewing possibilities are; Blue sheep, the Great Tibetan sheep or the Argali, various mountain and migratory birds, high altitude flora and occasionally a Tibetan Wolf or a Snow leopard if extremely lucky. O/n Tents / Village Homestay.

Day 04: RUMBAK – YURUTSE - KANDA LA BASE – RUMBAK. A day trek till Kanda La Base, visit Yurutse village and trek back to Rumbak. If lucky there are many chances to have a sight of the Snow Leopard. O/n Camp.

Day 05:RUMBAK - ZINCHEN by same way down and a short drive to Leh. Evening leisure and stay in Hotel.